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    Hi I am in the process of writing an essay about stem cells with argument for and against their use.
    Can anybody with knowledge in this area help me out?

    The people for say that it can help with diseases like paralysis as nerve cells usually theoretically don't repair themselves well. Stem cells could be dfferentiated into these to help someone with paralysis. The same goes with diabetes, the cells could produce insulin but the arguments against are that (for embryonic stem cells) who has the right to decide whether an embryo dies for cells, and that the embyo does have the potential to develop into a human being so why should we experiment on it?

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    Stem cells can potentially be used for almost any disease as they can differentiate into any cell type. You need stem cells for things like building artificial organs, for example. They have immense potential.

    Of course, there are many types of stem cells and the most controversial are embryonic stem cells because these needs to be taken from a fertilised human egg (although I believe some can be harvested from the placenta). In this case, a fertilised human egg may be sacrifised and some people have an issue with this. A lot of religious people think this is playing god.

    Adult stem cells can be taken from consenting adults and this issue is less controversial. However, these cells are not as good as embryonic ones as they cannot differentiate into any cell type.
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