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Hey guys, I'm new here. I'm a student taking the Cambridge A Level in Malaysia currently.
I'll be taking the AS exam on the month of May and then A2 on October.
Would like to ask you guys on the number of subjects that I take.

Is it wise to take 4 subjects for AS and then take 3 for A2? As in any advantages?
Or it's better to take 3 subjects for both AS and A2?

As for me, my choices of subjects at the moment is Law, Economics, Accounting and Business. My target is to get 4As.
I really hope that I can apply for scholarships in the near future.
Thanks for your help. Cheers!
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Most people take 4 AS subjects and 3 A2s, so that is what I would advise to do. Having the option to drop a subject after AS means that you can pick a slightly greater range of AS subjects and are able to drop the one you are less good at, whereas if you only do 3 AS subjects you can't drop one and so if you find that you are not enjoying one or not very good at it, you are stuck with it for both years Also, universities generally expect people to have 4 AS levels and so having less could suggest to them that you would find the workload at university a bit too challenging.

Looking at your subject combination, I personally would suggest that you swap one of Accounting/ Business for Maths - I assume you are interested in finance related courses, and often maths is a requirement to study such courses at university, and even if it isn't at some universities it would definitely make your university studies easier. Also, Accounting and Business are often considered 'softer' subjects rather than more academic ones (and in fact Law is also sometimes considered a weaker subject) - and I would generally advise people to take at least three academic subjects in order to have a good chance of getting offers from good universities.
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Thanks for your advise mate.

I'm indeed worried that most of the universities in UK would require Maths but I have opted not to take Maths, although I got A* for both Maths and Additional Maths in SPM (Equivalent to GCSE).
I think it's too late for me to change now so I think I will stay with these 4 subjects that I've chosen which are Law, Economics, Business Studies and Accounting.

My other question is, will it affect my grades if I drop a subject to 3 in A2?
For example, I drop Accounting in A2 but I got an A for it in AS. Will my grade for AS be counted?

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