The reason that Britain is not a hippy society. And bring back Brutalist architecture

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'Oh' you may say. 'You're wrong. I know a hippy. Charles- oh you should meet Charles. oh he's adorable. he has his own vegan yoghurt thing on Chelsea. Oh my god it is to die for'.

Shut up. You not not a hippy You are middle class daddies money. For the sake of having a nice little story over your glass of plonk at the end of day, you can afford to be nice to people who you secretly know you wouldn't want to be dependent for or on in any way.

The reasons that Britain never believed in free love:

1) Most Brtons never wholeheartedly had the temperament, self taught education or skill to be hippies. Most Britons talent is being envious and educationally or spiritually dead on arrival and attempting to disguise it as self deprecating humbleness. Envy and hippyness are not supposed to go hand in hand.

2) Most Britons are not attractive or tall enough to be classed as hippies. Not just physically but emotionally. To be true hippy you should look and think vaguely like Jesus Christ meets George Harrison if you're a man. It's just not happening with most people- they hardly even know who George Harrison was for God's sake.

3) The hippy spirit got the blame for everything from Trade Unions going rampant to young parents on benefits (the media always concentrates on working class ones).
I suppose that the hippy spirit created the Credit Crunch too? (No it didn't in case you were wondering- at least not in the hands of true hippies themselves).

4) 1960s architecture became derrided not long after it was put up.
The UK arguably has some of the finest examples of 1960s architecture anywhere in the world, covering every strata of society(although you will struggle to find any notable examples as extensions to stately homes).
But in the 1970s this abstract experimentation started to become sanitised (and, as a result actually, some 70s architecture is far inferior artistically to 60s architecture).
Almost as if it emphasise this, there have been no major new UK universities built since the 1960s if you do not include the polytechnics becoming universities or subsequent campus expansions on or near to existing universities.
Yes, even in the 'mad old days' of the 1970s, the hippies and all the architecture that supported their ideals had been deemed finished or merely incorporated in to the supposedly ephemeral world of rock and roll.

5) It's not the 90s any more, let alone the 60s. Any vaguely hippy looking shop or advertising campaign is not necessarily run or owned by people you could truly call hippies. 'It's all about the money, money,. money..'

So raise your hand if you would bring back Brutalist architecture and the uncompromising, unvarnished, solid, message that it sends. No more wishy washy DJs, screaming tabloids or Guardianistas solely trying to set the agenda in their fragmented ways. Community, society. This is not just for the hippies. It is for humanity. And early hippies essentially created the foundations of the likes of the Bloomsbury set, the Beatniks, the San Fransisco and Los Angeles scenes so important to the music that we listen to. Hippies are not cartoons for a more hippy dippy culture than Britain. Britain needs hippies. Not some watered down version of what hippies are. Real hippies.
Anything less is not The Real Thing. Always Coca Cola. Hippies can love coke too. It's OK to like coke. It's OK to like material things for their physical beauty in themselves. Just not merely as status symbols to the exclusion of the wish that anyone else of similar values should potentially share in enjoying those same material things in the same way too.
If you want to be a status symbol you'd better be 100% beautiful inside and out or you deserve to lose. Don't be a status symbol. Be a hippy. Make that your status. And by the way, I probably like Charles, I just don't like his girl hangers on - they're usually not hippies.
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Hippies are pretty cool. I'm cool with hippies.

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