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Hi, I'm wondering what we can expect at the visit days for applicants with offers. It says that "You might wish to be accompanied by parents or supporters on your Visit Day, but there will be periods where we'll just want to see you". I'm just wondering what we'll be doing on our own away from our parents or whoever has accompanied us as if it's something which will last a long time I'll just visit on my own. I'm also just wondering what the general day entails.

I've applied for psychology just in case visit days vary depending on the department.

Thank you.
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Hi! I've just contacted Steph Dewar from our Psychology department who is responsible for organising their Visit Days. After the initial welcome to both applicants and parents, you will be separated from one another, but both parents and applicants will be kept busy! Here is the full information that Steph gave to me: "The Psychology Visit Day programme starts with a Welcome talk by our Head of School or Department. After the Welcome talk, you will be invited to a tour of some of our labs in action, and sample a seminar. The seminar is intended to provide you with the opportunity to experience what it would be like to study Psychology in our research-based degree course. For accompanying parents we will provide further information on finances and other important aspects of university life in a talk that follows our Welcome talk. Parents are then invited to relax in our Staff Room and meet some of our current students and staff. A lab tour for parents will also be on offer following the talks. If parents prefer to explore the campus or the Reading area, we can provide information on self-guided campus tours and maps of Reading at the registration desk. Your student helper will then accompany you and your parents to visit one of the residential Halls on campus and share their experiences of life on campus. The Visit Day programme generally finishes after the Halls tour, but you are welcome to spend more time exploring our campus and facilities, or chatting to our current students and staff. If you would like to sample the food served in our Halls, our students can guide you to one of the Halls restaurants on campus for lunch." I hope this helps!!!!

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