can someone help me with coursework? please.

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New to health and social care field and I've got an assignment. Can someone please break it down on how I need to do this particular task? Sensible thing would be to discuss with teacher but complicated atm.

question is: Effective communication is vital to the operation of any health and social care organisation. Drawing on your own experience within a health and social care organisation, write an essay discussing the use of communication skills in a health and social care context, exploring the various factors that can influence the communication process and the ways in which the communication needs of service users can be met.

What I need to do are below:

M2 Relevant theories and techniques have been applied.

You should draw on relevant academic theories to support your arguments, demonstrating your understanding of key theories within the context of health and social care. (Task 2)

M3 Present and communicate appropriate findings

Your research should be presented in a logical, clear structure, demonstrating the range of ideas and theories you have researched. In-text citations following the Harvard system should be used throughout. Few spelling/grammar errors. (Task 2)

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Hi there,

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