Which is more useful, a degree in geology or a degree in petroleum engineering?

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Petroleum engineering is quite specific. There's the obvious route of becoming a petroleum engineer, of which there are several variations. There's also the option of working in other oil-related jobs such as a mud logger. It involves a lot of mathematics so there are other career opportunities too, such as accountancy. But the same can be said for most science degrees, jobs like accountancy is open to anyone really.

What are the job opportunities with Geology? I was going to enter as a mud logger and progress to wellsite geologist. But I'm curious what other job opportunities there are.

Which degree brings greater employment opportunities, petroleum engineering or geology?
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A geology degree will allow you to go in many routes and is more broad than petroleum engineering. However, you will find that a number of geological career pathways will require an MSc for specialisation (eg. Engineering geology, hydrogeology). That said, you can go into a number of career routes pretty much straight away including mineral exploration, oil and gas related routes, geophysics, depending on what kind of modules you take during your geology degree.

Doing a petroleum degree will be very specific for the oil and gas industry and will not train you in all the relevant skills of a geologist which may limit your job prospects in other fields.

I personally would be looking to doing a geology BSc with and MSc in petroleum engineering later, that way you get the cost of both worlds. Having the MSc will also open up a lot more jobs for you as it's starting to look like more and more earth science jobs need them.

I have personally done a geology degree (MSci) and am now working as a marine geophysicist. I like the knowledge that I can do a masters at any point and change career route.

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