Can someone mark my A02 philosophy essay please and how can I improve?

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“Situation Ethics is weak because it gives the decision-makers no real guidance about what they should do.” Assess this view. (15 marks)

Fletcher overestimates the value of being free from rules and the constant decision making processes which this forces humans into: 'If it were the case that agape could always be fairly and accurately dealt out, then laws would be redundant. As it is there are no such guarantees, and so degree of law is necessary for human survival.' In light of Agape, Fletcher says everyone should be free to make own decisions.
Situation ethics may also seem weak due to it being anarchistic, it leads to uncertainty, there is a benefit in rules and Fletcher removes uncertainty about decision making; and how he can reduce 10 commandments to just one. With situation no one knows what to do: 'The law has several vital functions, which we would be ill advised to do away with: it clarifies experience; it is the means by which society determines what a reasonable life is; it defines crime and it protects society.
However, Fletcher simply says that people are more important than rules, and sometimes people's welfare must be put above legalistic priorities. Fletcher states that, 'the situationist enters into every decision making situation fully armed with the ethical maxims of his community and heritage.' This means that other rules are meant to complement the ultimate rule of agape - love.
Situation ethics can be also be viewed as a strength when making moral decisions, one should consult tradition and be prepared to set it aside for the sake of agape love. If Jesus acted as a situationist then surely Christians should follow his example. As well as the fact that situation ethics is derived from Jesus' teachings makes it more compatible for religious believers as they can still follow their religion whilst making decisions.
It can also see autonomous, meaning that you can make your own choices and do not have to restrict yourself to rules laid down by religious institutions which may be outdated for society today. But with situation ethics decisions can be made in everyday life. This is good as it means that people do not feel pressured to follow biblical teachings, and they can decide what is the best according to the idea of agape (love for humanity) therefore ensuring the best outcome for the situation.
Overall, it can be said that situation ethics is not weak, due to the fact that people strive daily for the freedom to make choices situationally, whether or not it to be within the framework of agape, but are constrained not only by law, but also the equal moral judgements of others

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