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I'm an American student and I have offers for the Medieval Studies MA programs at both UCL and York. I'm very excited because these were my top choices but also stressed out because I can't choose between the two! These are the pros and cons (for me) of both choices:

1. It's in London (I currently live in LA and I am definitely a city girl);
2. It has an excellent reputation internationally which would bolster my CV for PhD applications back here in the States;
3. I know that UCL will give me all the skills I need to move on to an excellent PhD program; and
3. The access I would have to other scholars, museums, conferences, lectures, etc, is unbeatable.
UCL- Cons
1. The program is a little less interesting to me, although there are classes I think I would enjoy;
2. There aren't any scholars there that stick out immediately as potential research supervisors, although there are a few I can see as possibilities; and
3. The university and the city are more expensive.
York - Pros
1. This program is the more interesting one - I would definitely have a hard time picking classes because there are so many that appeal to me;
2. There are scholars who would be natural choices as research supervisors;
3. It's slightly cheaper; and
4. They obviously have a lot of fun with their program (lots of clubs, groups, etc).
York - Cons
1. It's in York, which seems like a small town. I'm worried I would be bored after a month;
2. I would have less access to conferences, lectures, etc; and
3. It's less prestigious than UCL.

Al of these conclusions are based on conversations with friends currently in England and the ever-helpful Internet. If I'm jumping to conclusions, please feel free to correct me. Your help is much appreciated!

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