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Chosen the wrong degree? watch

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    I've sent off my ucas application and got all 5 offers back as conditional for a History degree (V100) at Liverpool, Sheffield, Lancaster, York and Manchester.

    I'm not sure I've made the right decision though.
    I had been weighing up for months whether to do a Computer Science degree or a History degree (big difference I know) but my history teachers pushed at how well I would do at history, so I applied for history.

    I'm now really unsure on what to do, but is there anything I can do? I've already got all 5 offers and I don't want to wait another year.

    I've got the predicted grades for computer science but have I left it too late?

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    Getting cold feet at this point is very normal and very common. Just be careful that you really have gone off History and this isn't just you panicking a bit.

    If you really are undecided then the best thing to do is to drop your UCAS application for this year, do your A2s, get the grades and then think about what you want to do next. You don't have to go to Uni this year. Going to Uni with any sense of uncertainty is daft - the chances of you dropping out or just getting a poor degree result is very likely if you aren't really happy with your subject.

    You could ask for a course change at those Unis - but since it'll be obvious from your PS that you applied for a totally different subject, your chances of an offer arent high.

    The other thing you could do is check to see if there is any form of joint subject degree at any of those Unis and ask for a 'change course'. Computing is now massively important in History - digitalised resources, stats packages, opening up archives onto the web etc. Knowledge of these two areas could put you in a very good employment position. Also look within the units of the degrees you have already applied for - you may find there are CS type topics within them for exactly this reason.

    Have you got the chance to go to any applicant days? This may help you make up your mind. There's no shame in changing your mind at this stage, but equally you don't want to give up offers that you have just because you're feeling a bit unsure- which is normal!

    Has all the motivation to do history come from your teachers? What do you enjoy about history?

    Why do you think you'd like to do computer science instead?

    It may be a good idea to talk this over with your parents, and see what they think.

    If you feel unsure about history, then it's unlikely you'd feel sure about computer science. The next step if you really wanted to change courses would be rejecting all your offers and going through UCAS extra- although the courses available would be limited. Is this something you want to do? If you're not that certain about your choice, I really do think taking a year out to decide would be a good idea. You could arrange some work experience over the summer which might help you make a decision. You could also visit some open days and ask about computer science courses.

    What Alevels do you study? They are completely different fields.
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    Thanks for all the replies guys, I'm going to do History I've decided!

    I really like both subjects, so will do a history degree and see where that takes me

    I do business studies, law, history and general studies A2 and did ICT AS

    I've wanted to do History since year 9 so I think I should just stick with it

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    It would have been better to do History anyway because A Level Maths is pretty much needed for CS.
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