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V625 - Police Accountability Bill 2014 watch

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    V625 - Police Accountability Bill 2014, TSR Socialist Party

    Police Accountability Act 2014

    An Act to lessen the political bias of the Police Service through the introduction of measures known to increase organisational transparency.

    BE IT ENACTED by The Queen's most Excellent Majesty, by and with the advice and consent of the Commons in this present Parliament assembled, in accordance with the provisions of the Parliament Acts 1911 and 1949, and by the authority of the same, as follows:—

    Part I


    1 Surveillance
    1. Police officers of the ranks constable, sergeant and inspector within territorial police forces must be equipped with body cameras whilst on active duty outside of police stations,
      1. with the exception of detective-type officers.
      2. Officers must ensure that the recordings are uploaded and reset every two hours.
    2. The minimum technical specifications for the body cameras are to be set on a yearly basis by the Secretary of State; they must be able to
      1. capture film and audio for a minimum of two hours,
      2. be capable of mobile upload,
      3. at a quality deemed the market average.
    3. All body camera recordings must be stored for five-years, and may only be accessed upon
      1. the request of a magistrate or judge,
      2. the authorisation of a chief intendent, superintendent, or chief superintendent.
      3. the request of an individual captured in a specific recording.

    2 Moratorium on Political Activity by Police Units
    1. A police unit must disband if their operations include such activities as
      1. the instigation of criminal activity, or
        1. the clandestine infiltration of civil society organisations,
        2. and the gathering of secret or confidential information from such groups

        without first harbouring reasonable suspicion that the targeted organisation is complicit in a crime and a warrant signed by the Secretary of State.
    2. All operations which contained the aforementioned activities must be made public.

    Part II


    3 Short title
    1. This Act may be referred to as the Police Accountability Act 2014.

    4 Commencement
    1. This Act will come into effect on the 1st of June 2014.
    1 Surveillance
    In some communities of the country there is very little trust in the Police Force. Nationally, it appears that just over half the population trust both senior and local officers. Distrust is fuelled by allegations of corruption, racism, bias, and brutality, most of which supposedly occurs in interactions with ordinary officers, with lots of disputes coming down to the word of officers against that of civilians. A solution to this problem was pioneered in the town of Rialto, California, where officers were made to wear cameras in their dealings with the public - the result was a drop in the frequency of force being used and also in complaints against officers. The recordings from the cameras ensure that no false allegations against officers are successful, and that officers don't act inappropriately towards members of the public.

    2 Moratorium on Political Activity
    The British Police has a long history of infiltrating political groups, everything from student unions down to local branches of left-wing political parties, and even anti-racist organisations. Officers use their positions in these organisations to gather information on the membership without necessarily having any suspicion about the individuals they're spying on. Even more worryingly, some undercover officers act as agent provocateurs, attempting to elicit criminal behaviour, or even sabotage the organisations they've infiltrated to bring about their closure. Information on this strategy pursued by the police has been guardedly kept from the public, and as such it is difficult to comment with any specificity without relying on the testimony of infiltrated groups, lots of which has been compiled here by the Guardian newspaper.

    ChangesAddition of 1(1)(2)
    Addition of 1(2)(2)
    Addition of 1(3)(2)
    Re-wording of 2(2)

    Absolutely essential for both civilian and police rights.

    (Original post by Jarred)
    Could you please change my vote aye? Apologies, I neglected to see the amendments >_>
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    Wiki Support Team
    (Original post by Qwertish)
    Could you please change my vote aye? Apologies, I neglected to see the amendments >_>
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    Wiki Support Team
    The Ayes to the right: 20
    The Noes to the left: 7
    Abstentions: 7

    So the Ayes have it, the Ayes have it. Unlock.
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