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    Hey there!

    I've couple questions about grading system at UK's unis and I'd be really grateful if somebody was able to answer them, as it seems like even google is silent about this issue *-*

    Let's start with a hypothetical situation:
    Law student, year 1.
    4 modules, each 15 credits worth (semester 1)
    4 modules, each 15 credits worth (semester 2)

    Now questions:
    1) How does grades for semester 1 contribute to the overall situation/grade? Are they somehow combined with grades for semester 2 and counted together to have an overall for the whole year?

    2) What if module is continued in semester 2? Does the grade from semester 1 somehow count towards grade for semester 2? (again, are grades from both semesters combined together to form one grade at the end of the year?) eg. EU Law module - 60% in sem 1, 70% in sem 2 => at the end of the year: (60%+70%)/2=65% overall score for module?

    3) Is the grade at the end of sem/year an avarage from all modules together?

    4) When applying for vac schemes in year 2 - which grades do law firms look at? Each module grade separately or somehow overall for the whole year/semester?

    Uh, I hope I explained it all well

    Thanks for help!

    Generic questions about grading are unanswerable because every university has its own conventions.

    The answers to all of those questions for my uni would be some variant of 'there is no overall mark for first year, so the marks are not combined in any way at all. You just have your individual module grades. Of course, there is nothing to stop you, or a law firm you apply to for vac schemes, adding them up on a pocket calculator and averaging them but that is not the same as the university awarding you a classification for the year'.

    Some universities will give a class at the end of the year, some like mine won't give an overall class until the end of the third year. At some unis, first year marks count towards the final class (but usually only 10% weighting), at some, second and third year marks count equally, or with different weightings, or perhaps only third year marks count.

    As Forum User has said, it depends entirely upon the specific university's regulations.
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