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    Hello all!

    I am a first year Illustration student of Cardiff Metropolitan University.
    While I really like the city itself and I think the uni is really friendly and helpful place, I am not happy with my course.

    I feel like I'm wasting my money and time, learning and gaining NOTHING in return.
    Because I'm not from the UK, I don't know if that's just what the art HE looks like here or maaaaybe I've chosen poorly and should think of transferring (if it's even an option lol).

    Please, read my little explanation and let me know what you think. ;_;

    During my first term, I've had several projects to submit. Each project was introduced with a short (up to 1 hour) brief and after that it was all independent work. There were no obligatory tutorials or workshops (nor voluntary ones). I was just told what I have to do and when to submit it and that is basicly it.
    The last two projects were given 3 weeks each to finish, while I honestly think 2 weeks (each) would be more than enough. In result I spent half of it doing anything but uni work.

    I've had aprox. 3 hours of lectures a week and I think the lectures were ridiculous. I've found only 2-4 of them to be actually worth my time, the rest was some kind of a sad mistake. (I'm still amazed with one of them - a guy were talking for 3 hours about SOUNDS. He would show us some youtube videos of an old guy YELLING and he just loved that... okay, some weird modern crap, but it's NOT related to Illustration or any kind of manual art, even if I try really hard to think of something to connect it to... nope.)

    For the whole first term I discovered only one new thing. And I'm not some kind of art genius, there is plenty of things I was hoping to learn and now I'm feeling really disappointed. I wasn't introduced to any new media or technique, there are no boring yet so important classes of stuff like life drawing or something.

    Now it's been 2 weeks since second term started. In that time I've been to uni twice. TWICE! Which wasn't even 2 hours in total!

    I have a new project that will take whole term (11 weeks), during which actual work would be 3 weeks max! I am not sure about the lectures yet because I am supposed to choose an option (from 8 possible, from which half of it is about modernism... such a variety WOW) and dunno what will be later with that.

    There are some workshops this term, surprisingly. But most of them aren't that interesting. Some are, HAPPILY, so I may attend them but after all of this I get the impression I won't learn much. Plus none of them are really helpful with my course.

    In total, I really don't know what to think. Of course I like having free time so I get to do loads of other things and can enjoy freedom (:v) , but on the other hand if I would want to just sit home and watch anime, I wouldn't pay for this.
    I haven't gotten any feedback, I don't even have grades yet - and it's been whole term already... Even if I work on a project in studio, tutors don't wander around giving advices/feedbacks, I'm just left alone without any mentoring - kind of pointless to sit there then.

    Maybe it's just the first year like that, I will try to find out from other students. But what if not?

    I'd be really grateful if some of Illustration/art students from other unis can tell me how the usual routine looks like in their unis...

    Thank you for reading this wall of text X_X
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