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    For A and p I got p=3/4 and A=-36

    I got...

    A= -144
    p = 3/4

    Dunno if i'm correct...

    answers -144 and 0.75 i no its 100% rite!!!!!!lololol

    Are there anyone who's willing to type all the answer out and post it in this forum... i know it might not be 100% correct... but better than nothing right??

    yeah i got p=-144 an A=.75

    these were my answers, can someone give me any indication on how well i done.

    1a. x+3/x b, not sure
    2a 2<f<11
    b 5
    3 a -144 p 3/4
    4 Graphs which were easy
    5b interception only once
    c chenge in sign when sub numbers in
    d 3.921
    6 a proof
    b p=1 c=4
    c k=9 q=8 pi(9+8ln2)
    7a x+2y=14
    b x=14
    c p=97 q=10/13 97+(10/13)ln2
    8i proof, alternative forms of cos etc
    ii a proof
    b i was not sure --- 0
    c 135, 315

    Please can you post the answers or give me an indication on how well, i.e a predicted score, considering I got the graphs all right.

    I have kept the paper and done it again. Got the same answers. you will find them under a new thread I have just posted. Hope you all did good, Dan

    Here are my answers... please fill in the gaps since i forgot some questions...

    1a. x+3/x

    b x = 1/5

    2a 2<f<11

    b lamder (however u spell it) = 5

    3 a -144 p 3/4

    4 The graphs... thoguth it was pretty hard... can't really draw it out in this forum...

    5a draw the graphs

    Y = x ^ 0.5
    y = 2 - e^-X (this question is a bit tricky.... )

    b they cross once... let both equations above equal...

    c change in sign after subbing numbers

    d forgot....

    6 a A = 1 B= 2 C= i forgot...

    (1)x + (2)y = i forgot what...

    b forgot

    c pi(9 + 3ln2)

    was that 6 or 7?!?! forgot...
    yeah correct me guys...

    Can someone please explain why 1b) is .2, i was almost certain i got it right an i got 3??????

    See my working out in the solutions thread.

    can neone guess how much they'll scale up p3 by, cos i got like , a 90, 95, 84, 86 and 78 and im guessin i need bout nother 50 in p3 but i did crap in it

    ne ideas?

    How did you proove Q8 i) ?

    Originally posted by Unregistered
    How did you proove Q8 i) ?
    Just done it for you in the solutions thread.

    Originally posted by Unregistered
    How did you proove Q8 i) ?
    Just done it for you in the solutions thread.

    Originally posted by physics
    p=97 q=10/13 97+(10/13)ln2
    Both p and q were meant to be integers..

    Crap, why oh why didn't I resit P2 this year? It's so much easier this June!

    I did the Jan 03 paper which everyone found harder than usual, much like the Jun 02 P1 paper and especially the horrifying P3 of Jun 03 being much harder than their predecessors. Oh well, I guess I missed out on some extra marks overall. I only got a 90 on my P2; people sitting this paper could easily get over 95 and possibly 100. Argh. This sucks. The people who got 60-ish on the Jan paper found this paper shockingly easy, and some from this category, mentioned that they might get close to full marks.

    Why can't Edexcel set papers that are consistent in difficulty?! Very pissing.

    My answers

    1. 1/5

    2. 5

    3. p = .75 and A = -144

    4. 1st graph shift to left
    2nd graph take everything under x axis up
    3rd graph reflect evrything rite of y axis onto left

    5. iteration was 3.921

    6. V = pi(9 + 8ln2)

    7. R = 97 - 3ln2

    8. the other two answers were 26.6 and 206.6

    Anybody hav the exact same answers??

    (Posted by same guy who posted answers up there!)

    btw the range of f was 2< f< 11

    did you put 2 <= f <= 11 ?

    im sure just putting < would lose marks.

    woops! at max its one mark i gess!
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