RAF firefighter application - medical history back pain quieries??

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Hi guys,

im due to take my medical for the RAF soon and i just have a slight worry.

i am a qualified and working personal trainer with excellent fitness levels however,

i used to have back pain due to my breasts being large, i had a reduction in jan 2013 and had no problems after that. Apart from one time in aug/sept last year i pulled a muscle teaching kettlebells and went to the doctors a few times complaining with back pain and lower lumbar discomfort. I rested and in a couple of weeks i was fully fit again.

My question is do you think this will affect my application being continued in the RAF ?? Because i know they have no tolerance of recurrent back pain.

I just want to know if anyone has been through anything similar with back pain and what has happened to them during their application.

Any advise would be much appreciate, thanks
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I had my medical back in July and before I went I decided to be really organised and get medical history and notes up together to save time.
My main concern was a shoulder problem I had in 2009 which required surgery. I went back to the surgeon to have a check up and he wrote a supporting letter to say I was fully fit.
I took my medical notes and new evidence and my case had to be referred to RAF Cranwell.
I received a letter 2 or 3 weeks later saying I had failed the medical but not because of my shoulder. I had a rugby injury in 2004 which left me with a slight back issue, because I had an x-ray on my back they said no. The problem was only there for a couple of weeks and never recurred.

In the end I went to see a back specialist, had a new x-ray and appealed the decision and my appeal was successful. I have specialist interview next week.

When is your med?
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I have been trying to find someone else who had been medically rejected due to experiencing back pain. Could you please elaborate more on your appeal process?

I'm currently serving in the army and am fully deployable with no medical issues. However, I made a visit to our medical officer last year and complained of some lower back pain which had lasted around 2 months. One trip to the physio to get some exercises and address some imbalances and tightness and all was well again.

This however, was given as the reason for me being permanently medically unfit for RAF service on a recent application to transfer. I intend to appeal, but am looking for advice from anyone who has been successful in doing so.

Hopefully you can give me some pointers.

By now I take it you are either in training or graduated already?


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