What is it about Psychology that makes it a memory test?

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A lot of people have told me that you need to have a good memory for psychology, why is that?
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I guess it depends on what exam board you take, but for OCR we had to learn a lot of studies in incredible detail.
There were 3 in each approach/perspective.
Individual Differences,
Social Approach.
For the core studies exam (I believe 60% of the whole year?) In section A you got asked a question on every core study so thats 16 questions (some had part i) and ii) parts mind) and it could be on anything to do with that study, from how many pps there was, to what the findings were, to a question about the procedure. So you really had to learn them in meticulous detail for the exam. The second part, B was easier, it was about perspectives and approaches (I did this exam back to front, I started with section B and went back for A) but again, that required quite a lot of memory as you had to link what you were saying back to the studies exactly.

I think psychology is a mix of good understanding of it and memory, as you can have an excellent theoretical grasp, but if you can't relate what you are saying back to a relevant study in AS or A2 for that matter, then you're not going to achieve high marks.

A lot of people I know struggled with psychology, but I got 100% in the core studies exam so I've never been able to fully grasp where others struggle, but maybe I just had a knack for it. But yes, this particular exam board, does require you to know and remember a lot. If you can memorize the studies, you can get at least half marks.

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