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Internship interview at a far away location

I was wondering what's the furthest you guys have travelled to have an internship interview and how long the interview was? I am currently based in Coventry and have an interview in London. Normally I wouldn't mind but the interview is only 30 minutes long. The train tickets is going to cost around £80. I was wondering if it's worth asking them for a different method of interview.
Depending on the company they may reimburse the cost of travel so long as it's reasonable.

Ask this before you try asking about another interview method.
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Definitely ask about travel expenses, a lot of companies will be willing to reimburse. I've heard of some places doing Skype interviews (provided there aren't any group activities). I just recently had to cancel an assessment centre due to travel. It was at the other end of the UK and had multiple rounds. I wasn't confident enough that I would get it to pay £170 - £200 per trip which of course is a bit much to be reimbursed for.

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