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During my A Levels the only reason i got AAA was the fact I was the only one in my school to read examiner reports and feedback on every past paper.
They showed student mistakes and tips to get extra marks with simple techniques.

However at uni they wont do this. The lectures will not create reports, to show past student mistakes, or how to get extra marks.

How can I over come this?
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In uni you will need to think. I was asked to solve a problem in physics exam. I had to use one way we were taught but I invented my own way out of the paper bag. :P I got full marks for that answer. Also, there is feedback and answers from exams, answers for tutorials and if you put in effort you will be fine.
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You will be given feedback on other assignments throughout the year. You can usually apply this feedback to your exams as well as your coursework- particularly if both are essay based. You may also be given some guidance on general exam technique. If you are in first year, you can learn from your mistakes in first year exams and apply this to second year.

At university, you are expected to think, and bring your own ideas to the exams, so examiner reports and feedback may not be that useful. There is no such thing as a standardised "good answer" although it will have certain features. There are many ways to write bad answers though. Are there past papers available? If so, going through these may help you know what sort of question to expect. You could try comparing answers with a friend/friends and seeing what you think they did well/badly.

Generally, one of the most important things, especially with essay based answers is to answer the question. I know this seems obvious, but a lot of students (apparently even sometimes at masters level) will focus on one word/phrase in the question, and info dump. There should be some analysis of ideas present, as well as just facts.

Showing evidence of reading beyond the lectures and required reading can help pick up marks.

It's hard in an exam, but try to write a coherent essay with some flow to it, and an intro and a conclusion.

It's not like an A-level exam where you will get marks for mentioning certain phrases/ideas, marks for doing X, Y and Z and a few marks tagged on for SPAG. The lecturers look at the whole picture- i.e. do you understand the topic, and can you communicate your ideas clearly? It is basically impossible to get full marks for an essay.

If you are generally doing well in your assignments, you will probably do well in your exams too.

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