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i really want to drop out of university, so much. there are so many reasons why i want to.
- i hate the university itself. i have to drive in every day and leave my car on an estate, otherwise it would be a 1 and a half to 2 hour bus journey there every day as i live at home still. i’m petrified i’m going to come back to my car one day and somebody will have broken into it or done something to it. the estate is renowed for being very, lets say, rough. for example, at the moment i am reading (don’t get me wrong a fantastic book) and one of the chapters is about the author’s charity work that he done on the estate. he says about the first day he got there, a pub had been petrol bombed, cars have had their tyres slashed and so on. on halloween, three people from my university got stabbed on the estate which made me feel even more anxious about walking through the estate to get my car. i have a lecture 4-6 on mondays and i’ve missed that lecture completely since the days have got much shorter simply because i feel really, really unsafe walking through there and i don’t know anybody in my class who i could ask to walk with me without sounding silly.
- the course is not what i expected it to be. i wanted to go into sports psychology, i researched it thoroughly and genuinely thought that would be the best career option for me but this degree brings much more unnecessary stress with it then i see necessary. for example, the 4-6 lecture of mondays is a sports science module so everybody in the class is part of the sports science degree. we have to learn about so much stuff and the tutor really make me feel on edge because if you get something wrong, she makes you feel so tiny and stupid. she expects you to know everything and refers to other sports science modules which i don’t do and when she asks questions she picks on people randomly so she could chose me and i just wouldn’t have a clue.
another example is an essay that i recently completed for social psychology. we had a fantastic lecturer for that, he was completely awesome. really made us laugh, taught us so well so when it came to his essay i felt a little more prepared than i had done for any of the other essays and did work really hard on it, getting the books suggested out of the library and so on. it got marked by my ‘tutor’ who i’ve never met, supposedly we have personal tutors and are supposed to see them every week but there is nothing on my timetable or anything to say that. never the less, this tutor marked my work and gave me 48 out of 100 saying that i hadn’t written enough about an experiment. that was the only comment that i was given, nothing else. i was so annoyed, i had worked so hard on it and for that to be my only comment and get given that i was really quite upset.
just to reinforce everything, we have to do a module in research methods. the lecturer is absolutely horrific, he cannot teach and always turns up late. he didn’t give us much guidance on a lab report we were meant to do until the very last minute and when he realised that nobody understood, extended the essay until a few days before christmas which really stressed me out. i emailed him a number of times to ask for help and never got a reply so in one of the classes, i asked to meet him one day and for him to explain everything for me. he didn’t show up to this meeting until about half hour after we were supposed to meet and then only gave me about 10 minutes of his time because he had to see someone else. i haven’t got the results back for the report yet but i am not holding out much hope what so ever.
- every time i have to go into uni or get any contact from them like an email or something, i get a wash of anxiety and really work myself up into quite a state. i get so nervous and my stomach ties into knots it feels like. it’s an awful feeling and i get like that every single time. nobody really understands to the extent what it feels like but i feel physically sick sometimes with the amount of dread that fills me when i think about having to go into uni or sitting down to do some work because i am that unhappy.
- i have made a handful of friends but because i am off campus (thankfully) i don’t get to interract with people enough. i speak to people but i wouldn’t be comfortable socialising with them. two girls that i have made good friends with are fantastic but i really don’t want to stay because of them. one of them i know will be leaving at the end of the year, she has not handed in a single piece of work but she got thrown into uni at the last minute as she didn't have any other options. my other friend is from ireland so she will be staying for the three years but i know that we probably would keep in touch if i did leave because we have a lot in common.
those a few reasons why i want to leave but there are plenty more. i am utterly miserable and full of anxiety, i don’t think i’ve actually been properly happy since i started going to uni if i’m honest. i do want to finish my first year as it puts me in a better position than if i were to just drop out but even then, i know my marks will not be good. i have enough retail experience and even have a business qualification to fall back on worst case scenario but i would like to try and make a go of working in a sporting environment if i could. i just have no idea how to go about it. i don’t have any a levels, only a BTEC in health sciences which doesn’t look fantastic on a CV but i think if people actually got to speak to me, they would realise that i do have a lot of passion and i am actually quite intelligent. i just feel completely at a loss as to what to do and really would appreciate some advice if anybody would like to help. thanks in advance if you reply! xxx
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If you're really unhappy with the way you're being taught, you need to raise this issue the people in charge at your uni. Keep going higher and higher up the chain until you get the answer you want.

I understand everything that's happened to you is frustrating, but at the end of the day your future is in YOUR hands and you need to chase people down and fight your corner until you get the answers you need to succeed.

If it's just the work and stress that's getting you down, just find people to talk to. Uni's offer plenty of support.. All these scenarios you've described can be fixed.. so at least try to fix them before you decide to drop out.

If you do end up dropping out that's fine.. sometimes taking a break and doing something different for a year or two is the best decision you could ever make.

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