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At the moment I'm doing my english lit coursework (AQA Spec B), and i've always been a bit rubbish at working at home etc

The general topic for the coursework is comedy, and the plays I'm studying are The Birthday Party by Pinter and The Winters Tale by Shakespeare.

Basically I have no idea what to do, or how to even start them.
I was thinking of focusing on Autolycus and how he creates comedy for the winters tale, and theatre of the absurd for the Pinter play.

Anyway, does anyone have any general advice about how to go about doing coursework? Or anything specific about the plays I'm studying? it would be so helpful as I'm aiming for an A or B this year. Thankyou!!
Charli Baker
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Im also doing the same thing, but the plays are Importance of Being Earnest and Taming of the Shrew.
My whole class set up a group chat on facebook and called it procrastinators anonymous, that was actually helpful bc even though we were doing different titles we could test bits through with each other. We all turned out to be bad at working at home too as most of us were starting the day before our first draft deadline.

The other thing I'm using is to start off writing a plan. Literally go through and write down what each paragraph will be on, one sentence is all eg 'paragraph 1: [this character]', once that's done, leave it, next time you go to work on it, write it slightly more detailed by including what the point is so 'paragraph 1: [this character and how they're clearly a dandy] and then leaving it again, then next time adding how youre linking it to the comic genre 'p1: [this character being a dandy] [comedy of manners and incongruity theory]' and then leaving it again, and just carry on like that, becoming more detailed every time you rewrite it. it barely feels like you're working hard bc you feel like its just planning, and everytime youre just building on work youve already done, but before you know it you've basically got your full essay, it just needs polishing with grammar and spelling etc

hope this helps, good luck!

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