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I have been put in a Btec Dance class and I don't want to do it as I didn't choose it. Other classes were given a choice of whether they wanted to do the Btec dance course or just a normal PE course. Girls who were doing long course RE had to choose one of the two but my class didn't get that choice. Of course If I did get the choice I would pick the normal PE course. Dancing is not my thing at all and is also not suitable for me because of my religion. So far, I haven't shown up to any of the assessment performances so I'm obviously on a fail. Everybody in my group of 5 dance group is Muslim and wears a headscarf(including me). They are all African apart from me, so i'm kinda the odd one out. They also would prefer doing sports and not dance but they're not really doing anything about it. I'm the only one who is always in a constant battle with my dance teacher- who is now also my head of year- to take me out of the course. The only other choice she is giving me is to go the boys class, which is also something I don't want to do. My parents spoke to her but nothing is being sorted out since I have to do some sort of PE and can't just be taken out of the course. So now we're just going around in circles. What to do?

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