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Mama ?
Yes Delenda ?
Were the Celts a kindly people Mama?
Why do you ask child ?
My friend Deodora says that the people of the forest
Were cultured and god-fearing;
They dwelt at one with nature
And their Druidic priests led them in the ways of hidden knowledge
She says that the carved marble table beyond the honey groves
Is a relic of their sun temple
Aye child I mind the pagan altar you mean
It was used for the Druids' terrible sacrifices
Even in living memory
Mama !
This is the eighth century
We are not living in the Dark Ages !
Were not the Druids erased from the face of the earth
By the Legio XXI who swarmed like ants
Over the sacred groves and desecrated the holy places ?
Aye child
But a few sheltered deep in the forest and escaped the inferno
And to this day their lore is handed down
In secret to the chosen few
I should know
Mama !
Yes child
When you reach the prescribed age
I shall initiate you into the mysteries
Until then let us keep silent thereon
Yes Mama
Thank you Mama

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