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Hi everyone,

I was wondering if anyone here has taken the option of doing a PhD in America if so i was wondering if i could ask them a few questions.

Some background first, I am 21 years old currently studying my 4th year of Forensic and Analytical chemistry at the University of Strathclyde in Scotland and I am hoping to specialize more into the analytical side of my degree.

Part of my degree allows students to go on placement to industry and partially experience what it is like in the work place giving me and my class lots of hand on experience in the lab and in the general office. As a result I have ended up in Paris even though I initially didn't speak or understand the language. From my time being in a completely different country I’ve been look more in the possibility of a PhD and in particular a PhD in America.

I have wanted to travel and live in America for a long time and I thought studying a PhD in America might be a good way for me to get around to doing that. I know quite a few Americans but none have done a PhD nor any in any aspect of Science. But they are quick to let me know of their horror stories of funding.

But does anyone know if this would just be as bleak for a British student hoping to study in America? Or is the pay / the possibility of sponsorship good?

Another question is would current PhD students recommend America as a place to do your PhD? I know the average time for a PhD depending on the field you are studying could be from 7 - 10 years where as in other countries like the UK is around 3-4.

Do you feel like a 7-10 year PhD is better or would you recommend a shorter PhD?

Lastly, my university has quite a well-known chemistry department, do you think a PhD should be done here instead of trying to find a PhD in America no matter my desire to expand on my culture?

Thanks in advance if you have any information and have taken time to read the massive article i have wrote.
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Go there on a holiday to see if you enjoy it. You need to make sure you have finance aswell. My advice would be to do the PhD here in the UK but at a uni that is highly regarded in America such as Edinburgh etc. Depends on what you want to do after your PhD aswell if it's a job I'd definitely do it in UK and look for a job in America. If you want to go into acedemia then possibly look at getting a scholarship in America, while getting as high grades as you can now for your undergraduate/masters.
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