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Dear fellow medics/doctors, I have reached semester 4 at the University of Manchester and find myself unsure of exactly what textbook would be best for my use in studying the digestive system and associated disease. There is a reading list but I am hesitant to use it as that is for all types of learners.

I'm looking for a textbook which is quite thorough in detail, since I am aiming for honours for my exams and I also prefer to learn my PBL content myself over lectures. It would be much appreciated if it wasn't terribly dry like Wheater's Histology (as an example), but that's not totally necessary. Also, I'm more interested in normal anatomy/physiology content; disease etc. is a bonus.

I did do a quick Google and couldn't find anything on the TSR medical reading list, so hopefully someone (maybe even a Manchester medic) could help me out! Please?

I should probably mention that I am currently using Guyton and finding that it is a little short of detail according to feedback from my PBL tutor, so I want something more GI focused.

  • Digestive system textbook
  • Thorough physiology
  • Ideal for self-directed learning
  • Bonuses: has disease content, is interesting
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Medical sciences by Naish for the Physiology then lecture notes on Gastroenterology and Hepatology for the clinical stuff.

These are the books I personally used for my GI blocks.

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