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    • Hello,
      I currently have the following qualifications, I don't know how useful they are. I was wondering what I can do with them and what they mean. I have just been going from one thing to the next without really knowing what I'm doing it for. I don't have GCSE's but I would like to go to university. I do have plenty of experience with web development, over 130 tasks completed on websites. My grades are appropriate I believe. Any advice would be appreciated.

      Home Learning College (Yup..)

      Introduction to HTML - Installing ISP Software - Search Engines - File Transfer Protocol - Create a Homepage - Templates - Uploading a Site to a Web Server - CSS Files - Rollover Buttons - Javascript and Java Applets

      Computing Essential Skills
      Producing Simple Database (A/500/9850) (Distinction),
      Creating Simple Presentations (J/500/9852) (Distinction), IT Principles 1(OL) (D/500/5998) (Pass), IT Principles 1 (D/500/5998) (Distinction) IT Principles 2 (H/501/0376) (Distinction), Designing and Creating Databases (R/500/9868) (Distinction), Designing and Creating Multi-Page Web Sites (H/500/9860) (Distinction), IT Principles 2 (OL) (H/501/0376) (Pass)

      HNC Computing:
      Unit 1: Business Skills for E-Commerce (Y/601/1244) (Distinction), Unit 2: Computer Systems (L/601/0446) (Merit), Unit 3: Employability and Professional Development (M/601/1251) (Distinction), Unit 9: Systems Analysis and Design (K/601/1281) (Merit), Unit 14: Website Design (J/601/1286) (Distinction), Unit 17: Database Design Concepts (R/601/0447) (Distinction), Unit 18: Procedural Programming (D/601/1293) (Distinction), Unit 20: Event Driven Programming Solutions (H/601/0453) (Distinction)

      HND Computing: (Current)
      Unit 29: E-Commerce Strategy Assignment 1 (Distinction)
      Unit 33: Data Analysis and Design Assignment 1 (Distinction)
      Unit 33: Data Analysis and Design Assignment 2 (Awaiting Result)
      Unit 29: E-Commerce Strategy Assignment 2 (Distinction)

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An HNC is equivalent to the first year of uni, and an HND is equivalent to the first two years of uni. So, you could do a top up year in computing or a closely related subject. It would be a one year (ish) course, and you'd leave with a degree.

For instance,

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