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This is the title: Does the Balanced Scorecard Add Value? Empirical Evidence on its Effect on Performance.

what is the key points I should critically evaluate from this topic?

Here is the requirement:

You are required to submit a 4,500 word critical evaluation of information and its various sources on your chosen topic.

You should frame your project and report within the following scenario:
You are a research assistant reporting to a finance director/partner in a large organisation. Your responsibility is to carry out special projects required by the finance director. The finance director wants to know more about the issues related to an article she has read. You have been asked to provide a report to brief the finance director on these issues. She has particularly asked you to focus on:
• Other information sources on these issues that might inform the strategic direction of the organisation
• The nature of these information sources ; their relevance and reliability
You are not expected to make any recommendations on the strategic direction of the organization; just to provide information to enable the finance director to make a decision.

Marking criteria
Your critical evaluation of information sources will be marked according to the following criteria:

• clarity of project question/issue;
• a comprehensive identification and clear demonstration of familiarity with relevant information sources;
• critical evaluation of the information sources;
• quality and depth of analysis;
• logical flow within the report ;
• persuasiveness of conclusions as to the nature of the information sources; their availability, relevance and reliability ;
• presentation: structure and balance and use of English. Presentation is important as it indicates the skill and care that you have invested into your work and a logical presentation implies an ordered and logical approach to the subject. You should follow the requirements below in terms of the structure of your report;
• correct use of Harvard referencing; and word count showing that the 4,500 words have not been exceeded. The word count needs to be clearly and correctly stated. Incorrectly stating the word count constitutes an assessment offence and may result in further action. You are not allowed to exceed the word limit under any circumstances. If you exceed the word limit we will top reading once 4,500 words have been reached and nothing further will be taken into in the allocation of marks so you will be penalised for a failure to be concise and for failing to conclude your work appropriately.

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