Aqa history britain 1951-1997 13/06/2003

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Discussion about Aqa history britain 1951-1997 sat on June 13th 2003. I just wanted to compare answers so i thought i might put the following questions to all the poeple who sat the paper

What did you think of the paper?

what reasons did you give for the 1979 conservative election victory?

what essay question did you do?

i did the "Thatcher revolution" question and talked about her effect on Economics, Politics Europe and social divides created by her policies

What did you write if you did that same question?
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I took that paper on Friday the 13th (of all days to do it!).

In answer to your questions:

I thought the paper was going to be reaaaaaaaaally hard, and was panicing, because the paper before it (option H) went really badly. But, I think that it was ok - it could have been a whole lot worse!

For the compulsory (Mrs T and the 1979 election ) I wrote about short term difficulties of the Labour party such as the winter of discontent and the IMF crisis which made them look like they were bad at handling the economy, splits in the labour party, mrs T's leadership skills and her policies, the conservative partys emerging degree of professionalism and the fact that voters were fed up and wanted a change and how the govt gained power not due to mrs t but despite her.

as for the compulsory, I did the 1960's - i get bored of all the political history they make us do and i do it in politics and sociology too!


P.S what other option did you take and did you do unit 6 today?
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