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My first post. Im 17 and applying for Law LLB at MMU this year. I was planning to join the Royal Marines as an officer after university as its been my dream for years, then study for my LPC (solicitor training) whilst in the marines. However, having recently found out about the OU courses and part time study whilst working, Ive decided that I want to join either the Army or Royal Marines at the end of this year, study for my LLB with the OU which could take around 4-6 years, then leave the forces to study my LPC and then gain a training contract to become a solicitor.

A few Q's:
1. Are OU Law LLB degrees taken 'seriously' by law firms and general employers?
2. How is military experience viewed by employers? I'll hopefully be joining as an officer so I would be leading 28 people and would gain important work/leadership skills.
3. Is it harder to attain a good level of degree by doing distance learning with OU? Obviously the time management aspect would be challenging, but I wouldnt be able to attend lectures etc and have hours upon hours to meet deadlines and I would also not have the 'tools' that someone studying at an actual uni would have, will this disadvantage me?

Cheers, Tom.

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