WJEC A2 Spanish Listening/Reading/Writing 2014

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I couldn't find one for this year so thought this would be useful

I'm currently struggling with my literary text - Casa de Bernarda Alba - and movie - Maria Llena Eres de Gracia

I did a practice question for CBDA and I got 33/45, which is pretty low considering how I'm aiming for an A*, but my teacher's comments are useless. he keeps saying to me "you haven't developed a writing style you're losing marks because of it" and i literally do not understand what he means

I'm thinking I'll just try and come up with a template which I basically just input adjectives and quotes etc to make it relevant to the question - I have a good command of the language , but my teacher just seems completely anal about the way I do it

anyone got any words of wisdom?

(i previously posted this under AQA by mistake sorrryyyy)

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