18-25 Voting Figures.

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After doing some research, I found that many people my age said they weren't interested in politics and didn't plan to vote because they simply didn't know who to vote for and they didn't think it was important. I also found that voting figures for 18-25 year olds in the UK were dramatically low, that's where my new project 'Voting Counts' comes in.

Voting Counts is an unbiased online resource which helps inform disaffected young people about the benefits of voting, as well as helping them decide who to vote for with simple descriptions about each parties ideology.

The website is very simple, as I wanted it to get across the important information without complicating and bombarding readers with information that they may not find interesting. There is still a lot more work needed on the website before we do an official launch. I'm currently using a very very basic free website software so once I get some funds i'm looking to get a better design.


As part of the brand I also plan to create informative flyers which I plan to hand out in cities across the North West as well as send to local schools to display. I've also organised to speak with my local councils about the project and at my local sixth form later this year to promote voting in 2015's general election, I plan to organise more talks soon. At the moment i'm concentrating the project in the North West, however I'm hopefully moving to London later this year for university where I plan to expand and continue the project.

The message of the project is simple; vote.

I need some help!

  • To help me fund the project I've set up a crowd sourcing page which i'd really appreciate you taking a look at. Link (this is a non-profit project)
  • If you can think of any good reasons why people should vote that I can add to the website please let me know
  • I need some Labour, Lib Dem and Conservative supporters to help me write a 100 word summary on the party ideologies
  • Send me suggestions on how the website can be improved
  • Offer to design the flyers for free (cheeky I know!)
  • if you have any further ideas/opinions on the website let me know!

Thank you!
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If you get the website finished, I'd happily share it on Facebook!

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