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    P2 was a walkover. Hey anyone any views on M2? Do yall know any sight where I can download answerrs to the mock paper M2. Ive done all the 6 solomon papers, all edexcel papers, the specimen and mock. Yall know any I have missed?

    you could try some heinemann papers out, you can get them from my website at:


    I'm hoping M2 is just as easy as P2. Though, I've got to sit S2 on Tuesday.

    Ive got a feeling M2 would be an easy paper. I gess edexcel really did let us feel it in P3. I dont suppose theyd try it again! (Hopefully!). On the other hand M1 and M3 were quite easy. The only mech module they can make hard is M2 now!!))

    i reckon M2 will be quite difficult. P2 was quite easy, but i am feeling M2 to be a bit dirty.

    I got 87% on M2 in January, which was more than M1! I hope that you guys get an easy paper like I did!

    I don't think M2 will be hard at all. At least that's what I have to keep telling myself because I totally fizucked up P3, didn't retake P2 because I didn't think I had to and now need at least 90% in M2 to get an A.

    Also, the subject content of M2 is pretty easy in my opinion. Look at the past papers, none were really that difficult. Jan 2003 was a joke. The only difficult question that might come up might be one on moments, but here in 2003 not 1953 I don't see a hard moments question coming up.

    Then again, M2 might be P3's evil twin brother. *shudders*


    My maths teacher reckons that Edexcel are making the first year maths papers easy to encourage students to continue doing Maths and they make the second year papers difficult.

    alrite ppl i found P2 quite easy as well and i agree M2 will be hard.I mean just look at Jan 2003-piece of piss...has any got a set of answers for the Edexcel P2 exam done 2day?

    But actually M2 seems to have the same layout as M1. Its M3 with all the integration and all that can be made a bit tuff. Btw do u hav to draw the graphs on the graph paper in P2. Ive never done it at school. I got 100 for almost all papers without drawing it on graph paper!

    nebody know where i can get answers 2 edexcel june 2001 and june 2002 M2 Papers ?? please help
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