Thoughts on immortality

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Quick warning: this post will probably be quite incoherent due to the fact I'm not well-versed in the scientific and philosophical disciplines I'll be touching upon, and also because I can smell marijuana smoke coming from somewhere and think I might be getting a contact high.

Alright, so I was thinking about different conceptions of biological immortality. I believe we're probably a long way off from developing a drug or treatment that prevents our bodies from ageing or getting ill, but I think we're significantly closer to improving or extending our lives, possibly indefinitely, through the use of technology.

People live with all kinds of prosthetic body parts and modern ones even allow the user to control certain actions with the power of their own brain. It's conceivable that one day, we'll be able to have an almost entirely mechanical body that's immune from ageing and sickness and likely a lot tougher and capable than our fleshy, human bodies.

It's also possible that we'll begin to merge more and more with computers. There already exists software that allows a user to control a computer with only their mind (albeit very I poorly, right now) and there are already vibrant online communities and life sims online, and as those two technologies continue to grow, it's possible that some people will ditch their bodies and live their lives inside of a computer.

But these different forms of immortality still require one thing: a human brain. If you get rid of the brain or simply make an electronic or mechanical copy of it and allow it to control a machine or a computer, then it's no longer you.

People live without parts of their brain, albeit sometimes with disabilities, so it's clear that we don't require all of the brain to be us.

So which part of the brain actually contains us - our consciousness? Is there a part of the brain that contains this? Or is it our soul - something entirely removed from our physical being.

Thanks for reading, and I'm sorry that you have nothing better to do with your Sunday morning, like me.
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There isn't a singular seat of conciousness - it arises from the interplay between different parts of the brain, like the frontal lobes, hippocampus etc etc. All of your brain is important, as each part has a different role to play.

The idea of there being a singular source of 'you', like a soul, is outdated and doesn't fit with our neurobiological knowledge.

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