I don't know how much I should be revising for my summer exams?! Watch

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Hello, I am writing to get some opinions on how much revision I should be doing for my summer exams and also possibly any tips on boosting my grade.
Currently, I am studying the following exam and am achieving these grades;
Additional Science (Earned a B in year 10 for Core) - B
English Language - A*
English Literature - B (haven't been marked for last CA yet)
French - A
History - A
Maths - B
Full Course RS - A*
Spanish - A*

I'm really aiming for all A*'s and A's (except for the slightly crap grade B from last year.) After February half term I will be attending History and Maths revision classes with the possibility of a few Lit/Lang classes for good measure. I obviously want to start my revision now and get a lot done so I learn it now instead of 12 hours befofe my exam.

Please would anyone be able to help me or give me pointers on how much I should be revising, how I should be revising and how I can boost my grades, especially maths, science and history!

Thank you so much for your help in advance!
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Try splitting your revision into 4 hours a day, keeping breaks in between. Make a revision timetable with all your commitments filled in and anything else you would do instead of revising and then put in the subjects. Do maybe half an hour of History then a 5 minute break then keep going, or 45 of Maths and then a break and another 45 minutes.

Another thing to focus on is people revise and learn in different ways, try using note cards and if that doesn't work for you, try writing things down. If not, play music while verbally reciting notes, or you could put post-it notes around the house with information and read them when you pass, maybe History dates on a route around your house so in the exam you can recall the order. Practice papers can help to, there're loads online so check them out, print a few off and practice, it can get you used to the style of questions exam boards use.

Hope some of this helps xx

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