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What is the Model House of Commons?

Have you ever fancied running the country yourself? Tired of turning the news on to see yet another policy announcement you disagree with? Do you have better ideas than the suits in charge? Then the Model House of Commons is eagerly awaiting you! We are TSR’s very own model parliament and provide a unique take on political debate; giving you the chance to discuss politics in an entirely new way by focusing on the creation and exploration of your own ideas.

Every six months, we have a general election that anyone can vote in to elect a group of MPs spanning a vast array of parties and independents, and then, they form a Government and the game begins! People from all over the site and all over the political spectrum come together to create their own policies and ideas in the form of bills, motions and petitions for how the country should be run. The TSR community then discusses and debates these ideas, and finally the proposals are voted on.

We give you the chance to chat politics in a unique, versatile and dynamic setting that makes it unlike anything else on the web. If you want fun, versatile, dynamic debate with that little bit of magic that transform's it into an experience like no other, then come and join in right away!

How and why should I get involved? And what exactly do you do?

Absolutely anyone can get involved, even if you’ve been here five minutes and there are many great things you can do. Here's just a tiny taster:

Give your opinion on MHoC ideas. People are always proposing new ideas for government policies and there are always new debates. You can go along to any thread from here and give your view on anything we release. Just give it a read and join in like you would on any other TSR thread.

Come up with your own ideas. Is there something that really annoys you about Britain? Perhaps you want drug reform? Or tax changes? Maybe you want to do more about the environment? Do you have your own ideas about foreign policy? Then the MHoC is your oyster! Get creative and start petitioning the TSR government here with your own proposals! It takes minutes!

Join a party and connect with the community. We have a vast array of politically diverse parties from left to right, radical to moderate. In a party you can help shape the ideas that this party releases as a unit, take part in elections and also make some friends with similar views to you along the way. You can join any party by clicking here, it's often the easiest way to get started in the community. Not sure which party is for you? They have their very own Q&A threads which you can find here.

Take part in special events. One of the most fun things about our subforum is its diversity, not just in the views that you will come across and the range of issues to discuss, but also in what we actually do. We’re always running new community events, everything from general elections to referendums to budgets to by-elections to PMQs and even poetry competitions! Keep an eye out for our next event! We'll have a budget and an election fairly soon.

You said something about electing MPs? Do I need to become one to take part? Absolutely not! As an ordinary TSR member you can do 99% of everything an MP can do, the only thing that MPs get extra is access to a special subforum for votes. But if you want that extra privilege, try our FastTrack programme. Else, there's no need to worry; you can take part in every single discussion and every single event we hold from the get go as an ordinary user.

So where do I start? That's up to you. You can find a lot of that info above. We often recommend joining a party first to help you find some people to hang out with. But if you want to just discuss people's ideas, then pick a thread from here and get started straight away. If you want to create your own policies, then head here or discuss it with your new party pals. Or even head along to our Newbie FAQ. Finally, why not say hi & introduce yourself in our chat thread?

We look forward to seeing and meeting you! If you have any other queries, holler at us in the bar thread mentioned above, head on over to our special Ask Us Anything thread or feel free to contact the Speaker Jarred or his deputy toronto353 via PM.
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