Dropping out in 2nd semester

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My course hasn't been what I expected. I'm still not enjoying it, and I'm finding the modules in semester 2 less interesting.

It's too late to apply for a new course starting September 2014. (Right?)

So I've given myself two options: 1) apply for a different course starting September 2015 or, 2) leave education and go get a job with my excellent A-level results.

Has anyone else dropped out at this point? Do I have any other options? Does anyone have any advice?
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It's not too late to apply. You can still apply via extra or clearing this year. However, if the course you want is not available, or you're unsure what you want to do, then waiting until September to apply is also an option.

I dropped out at this stage on my first degree- I got a job and then found a course I liked which I applied to in November of the year I dropped out. It was the right decision for me, and I'm much happier on my new course. I also think at that stage I was a bit burnt out from Education, and having what was essentially a gap year really helped me become motivated for my new course.

I think if you aren't entirely sure what you want to do instead, dropping out and getting some work experience might be a good idea. This might help you find a subject you are really comitted to which you can apply for this autumn. Or you might have a job you really love, and decide not to reapply for uni straight away.

If you want to drop out, the first step is normally to talk to your personal tutor. If you're unsure, talking to them might be a good idea too. You might have the option of transfering to a different but similar course next year.

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