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Hey guys so I’m kind of confused on the subject of nutrients and minerals and plants.

I understand what a nutrient is i.e. substances that are essential for living organisms and minerals is one of those nutrients

BUT what constitutes whats a mineral or not? Like oxygen/nitrates is a nutrient but what specific thing is a mineral and how do we know?

Okay next is photosynthesis and plants growth. How?

I just don’t understand: if plants photosynthesis more=greater amounts of glucose and cells use this for respiration=energy carrying molecule ATP which is used for active transport of ions into xylem WHICH brings about the osmotic movement of water from the endodermis into the xylem and hence it is essentially due to the photosynthesis that brings about movement of water this. As a result water with dissolved mineral ions such as nitrates can move into plant cells and lead to formation of protein/DNA that allows plant to grow taller increasing its productivity. This is since water continually moving up plant as a result of maintaining osmotic gradient via active transport due to photosynthesis hence allowing for a transpiration pull and continues supply of dissolved mineral ions into plant cells that allow the plant to grow.

can someone let me know if this understanding is right?
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Hi there,

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