Edexcel English Language 4 & 5b - How was it?

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Hey all

Had these exams on Monday, just wanted to know how you guys thought of it.

Unit 4 was pretty good, but I chose the second question cos the first one was about historical poems in EME and ModE - I was like, ickk, so I picked the second one with diary entries and adverts. Generally, I guess there isn't much of difference in terms of stuff to analyse, especially EME texts.

5b (the coursework alternative paper) I thought was pretty hard. I did the Written Study. They varied a bit this year and asked to compare an extract from a novel and its simplified version from a playwright script. There is a lot lost in terms of losses and gains so it was quite tough.

Generally, how much do people write for each paper? I always feel that I write less than I could and could have analysed more. Is this normal or am I not planning enough?

Anyway, Unit 6 Synoptic to do next Monday, ackk. Hope a lot of expected language topics come up in Section B and not some obscure ones like text messaging from Jan 03. Also hope that they give Present Day English texts instead of queer EME or accent spelt text to translate for Section A.

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