anyone have an idea of how i can revise the whole topic of media in 3 days?

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now i know i should have left more time but i didn't realise my other topics would take so long to revise. i have a unit 4 psychology mock on monday morning and i have revised schizophrenia and am just finishing research methods but i haven't even looked at my notes from media. i really want a good mark (at least an A) in this mock and i don't want media to let me down. i have summary sheets my teacher gave me for each topic and i could read them but i don't think my normal revision method will get everything in media done by then.
for revision is usually rewrite my notes in summary form highlight key words then type them up straight away, it is very effective for me but takes a long time.
any ideas?
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Exactly in the same position, except my mock is a few days later. Writing AO1 and AO2's really quickly and in note form helps a lot. AO3 you can really think up on the spot so I wouldn't even worry about that. Try just skimming through the content, writing out perhaps a couple of sentences of AO1, headline AO2 research and a few sentences describing the study. If you really condense it down so that there's only a few key pointers for each section, it makes the job easier.

At least, that's the way I do it.

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