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Hey everyone, I'd thought I'd open a thread so we can open up about our experiences when having placements with the NHS. so those who are applying and stuff can kind of know what to expect.

All places won't be the same, but i guess the principle should be.

So i applied for the pharmacy department, thinking it would be amazing, and in reality it was. The time i had spent with an actual pharmacist, pharmacist technician and assistants i had gain a lot of insight.

The problem for me was my supervisor and hospital was extremely unorganised. All i was given was a schedule of where i'm going to be. My routine was 9-12:30 (morning session) lunch one hour and then 1:30-4:30(afternoon session)

What made it worst was that hospital is combined with another hospital 20 minutes away by drive that is. So i was having to commute from two places. in one day. It would make sense to have 2 sessions in one hospital for one day and then the sessions at 2nd hospital the second day. That way you can stay at one location :/

I had no information on meeting places and etc which was really difficult. I'd think to meet up on the location I'm supposed to be at.

What happened was throughout the first 2 days, I was just on wards standing from 9-12:30 one hour break and then another ward standing some more till the end. eventually my legs just died lol. (How do they think a student can manage to stand continuously like that?) :mad:

So then wednesday I was at the 2nd hospital in the morning, trying to look for who i was meant to be with, couldnt find her so i called my supervisor. she was on sick leave. So no help there, there was no point even asking her office colleagues, they don't even know who i am. I did try they were like sorry, not in charge of this. eventually i found the lady i was going to be with, (running around for an 1hour and a half)

So after that hectic morning session i was meant to be back at the 1st hosp, couldnt find the lady i was supposed to be with in the afternoon. Went to the ward, nurses were so rude. Had enough and sent my supervisor an email saying look i cant find her, im really in pain (feet) im just going to go home,

and her response..

"I did tell you yesterday to meet Jenny at my office at 1.50pm.
You should have gone to the E&D office and someone would have helped you locate Jenny.
You have left 2 hours before the end of your scheduled working day which isn't very professional.
My team would have helped you or even the dispensary team where you have been going each morning.
Please come to the office tomorrow before you go to Aseptics so we can discuss, it does say in your booklet any problems to call the office, please do this in future"

1) Not there to be professional, there to gain insight
2) you weren't in this morning
3)I really wasn't going to remember to meet her at the place you stated, seeing as though you said it informally on monday - i take responsibility that maybe i should have tried harder. BUT i was to the point of crawling. Now she's scared because my parents called her saying, its due to working there, im in a lot of pain, she was being so nice , saying aww she can come back whenever she wants, hope her legs are okay, tell her to come back.

She's even emailing me at night with
How are your legs now?
If you ever want to come and spend a few more days you are more than welcome" at 9pm? Really
PLEASE NEVER STOP BEING SO NICE NOW. The moral of my tale is NEVER AND I MEAN NEVER let the NHS OR ANYONE BE HORRID LIKE THAT. leave with your dignity!
and they will be scared just in case you sue them or whatever.

Ok no, what i mean is, know your rights before your enter. ask for a lot more information, i did ask they would brush it off. Be prepared to travel and stand for long periods of time and remember if you're not enjoying it then don't waste your time. You are not getting paid. They don't have anything on you.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this, or even some of your experiences
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I agree work is hard if you are going to be late say so leg hurt aww didums take some painkillers and man up you are working in a ****ing pharmacy for gods sake
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Wow, is it just me, or does anyone else think there's nothing to complain about?
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You can't stand up for 3 hours? Are you actually joking? Then to top it off you even had a whole hour to shake off the 'pain'. I think you need to sort yourself out if you can't do something as simple as that.

The fact that you just left is really bad, as someone else said above I'd have told you not to come back as well if I'm honest.

Your parents rang them? Why? I'm actually begging you not to let your parents get involved with your work situation again. I would understand if you were bed ridden/ill and couldn't physically ring your employer again but this situation is bizarre.

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