Need help for a research.

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Hello I am a college student and as partial fulfillment of our degree program we have to do a one year research as a group of five members.

We are hoping to do the research on Lean Management Perspective of Human Resource Management Process (How we can use Lean Management to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of Human Resource Management Process.)

Methodology and main expected outcomes of the research:

  • Identification of Issues and challenges of existing Human Resource Management process concerning the large scale organizations.

  • Propose practically feasible solutions to overcome the issues and challenges of existing Human Resource Management process by using Lean Management.

  • Propose a suitable strategic Lean configuration framework for Human Resource Management Process concerning the large scale organizations.

  • Model the solution to a system. (up to prototype level)

Since I am doing a research for the first time I need some expert ideas to make our research path and scope clear. I would be grateful if any of you can give me feedback regarding current topic. If this topic is not suitable can someone suggest a better research area of Lean?

Thank in advance

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