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(I hope this is the right place for LIPA advice, seeing as the courses are underwritten by JMU)

I'm in year 11, and I'm really interested in the Music, Theatre and Entertainment Management course at LIPA. I also have a friend who's interested in Music. To be honest, I'm looking for advice with work experience etc because I'm completely unsure of how much is required and where would be good to volunteer!

For A Level, I'm taking theatre, business, politics and history - I assume these choices are okay for the course. I've already done work experience with LIMF - organising a music festival in Liverpool, and I have a summer placement planned in a local theatre working on organising a fringe festival with musicians and actors. I've also volunteered at a local orchestra for a year with primary school children. On top of this, I'm an actress - I was the lead in my school play.

Does anyone else have any advice on what I could do after the summer with regards to work experience for arts management? My GCSE targets are A's and A*'s and I'd be aiming for high A level grades - I'd like to think AABB would be a possibility. Would this be a big positive on my application to somewhere that is a performing arts institution?

My friend who is interested in BA Music, is taking music, maths, history and politics. He's really clever - I think he could get AAAA or even higher. Once again, for performing arts, is this seen as a positive or not really considered as much as other factors? He's on track to get Grade 5 theory, and should have Grade 6/7 by the time year 13 comes around. In regards to performance, that's his real skill - which is why he wants to go to a performing arts university. He has 6 months work experience in a recording studio doing sound technology. He's played in Europe, and is currently in 5 school bands, and was in his own for a year. Does anyone have any advice on work experience for Music?


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