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There are many great factors about the British education system. First of all British education is free and compulsory up to a certain age. It is also the home to some great universities such as Oxford and Cambridge which are part of the top ten in Europe. Finally in the British education system you have the freedom of choice, you can choose to send your child to a private or a public school and you are free to attend any university that you want to, as long as you meet the academic requirements.
There are also MANY problems with the British education system.
Firstly there is an extreme lack of continuity between each of the secretary of state for education. They all come in with their many promises to change the education system for ever yet in a couple of years someone else comes along, changes it all up again which means teachers are confused on which is the best method of teaching, pupils are confused on how they are supposed to pass their many exams which the government insist is compulsory and altogether the system is a complete shambles.
Many “improvements” to the system have created 1000 more problems and it is FAILING the children of today. We should be improving not regressing.
When a study took place on 24 countries it found out that England is the only country where results are going BACKWARDS. The older generation who are on the verge of retirement are smarter than US, the youth of today!!!
Please tell me that I was not the only one surprised by this?
40 years ago we were one of the leading countries in education.
What happened?
Statistics have shown that the amount of money labour spent on education rose from £35.3billion in 2000 to £63.9billion in 2009. What I’m sure everyone would like to know is where this money has gone, because it certainly hasn’t improved anything.
Michael Gode and Michael Wilshaw say they are improving the system but they can’t even find the real problem behind it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The head of Ofsted Michael Wilshaw has warned of a two tier system because of the huge difference in standards of teaching at various schools.
This isn’t the real problem though.
The real problem is that they believe that targets and assessments are the way forward but really all they are doing is leaving students with gaps in their knowledge as they are told to only learn the bare minimum that is required in the assessment objectives.
Teachers are then left unable to teach in the way that they feel is best as they have to reach the impossible targets set by our so called “experts” in education.
It also creates a lack of enthusiasm for subjects at school from pupils as they are too busy remembering what they need to know to get a good grade in an exam that they forget to enjoy the subject.
This isn’t how it should be.
Students should WANT to go to school because they enjoy what they learn and most certainly should not be held back by the many assessment objectives and targets that do not push students to their furthest potential.
The way system is means that many gifted students are being left behind because they are not suited to the way that it is set out with exams being prioritised.
Katja Hall, the CBI's chief director of policy, said that schools are being turned into “exam factories” also stating that "Employers don't want exam robots – they want young people who are academically stretched, rounded and grounded.”
This I believe is what is wrong with the British education system today.

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