Marketing Master (with Sociology/Psychology) - Which should I choose?

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Hi everyone!

I recently applied to some UK universities to pursue a Masters degree in marketing and I received unconditional offers for the following programmes:

University of Manchester - MSc Corporate Communications and Reputation Management
University of Birmingham - Marketing Communications MSc
University of Exeter - MSc Marketing
Cardiff University - Msc Strategic Marketing
Regent's University London - Msc Digital Marketing & Analytics

University of Lancaster - MSc Psychology of Advertising
University of Essex - MA Advertising, Marketing and the Media
Royal Holloway, University of London - MA Consumption, Culture and Marketing

I studied their websites, looked at different rankings and searched this forum, but since I am not from the UK, it’s still difficult for me to decide between all of these. The main criteria would be (in this order, I think): course content, department/university reputation, the looks & location of the campus (including proximity to a city), opportunity for a company project instead of a classic research dissertation, graduate employment prospects.

Now, since I already have an undergraduate degree in marketing and some work experience in the field, I feel like I wouldn’t want to study the same things for my postgraduate degree and I am more inclined to choose a programme that has a mix of marketing with psychology or sociology. Lancaster, Essex & Royal Holloway provide that.

Considering course content alone, I like the programme at Royal Holloway the most. Lancaster’s reputation is the best, but looking at the campus & photos of the city - I didn’t find it very appealing. Plus I hear it’s more rainy than other areas in the UK. And it’s a real challenge to evaluate the rankings - as there are large variations among different sources.

What do you think? I welcome any information you are willing to share about these universities/courses that you think would help me decide. Thank you very much!


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