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Basically im applying to go uni this September for a degree in Biochemistry, ive already got a C in history, possibly a C in bio but not to sure if ill pass Chemistry. I gained A's in all my sciences, maths history etc all the main subjects back at GCSE and my parents recently just seperated which has made it hard to focus and studying with all the stress, do you think unis will be lenient on Clearing taking all this into account?

These are my current offers:

Westminster - Conditional
Anglia Ruskin - Conditional
Canterbury Christ Church - Unconditional
Kingston - Conditional
Hertfordshire - Conditional

What Im thinking of doing is picking Herts as my firm choice and Canterbury as the insurance choice

If Herts rejects me I was wondering if I could still go into Clearing because the main two unis that I really want to go to are Brunel and Hertfordshire...Can I still apply via Clearing if Herts rejects me?

I dont really want to go to Canterbury, its only because im guaranteed a place this summer. Is it worth the risk to cancel my insurance choice and just go into clearing hoping Brunel or Hertfordshire will accept me there?

Whats ur opinion of what I should do?
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If you pick an unconditional as your insurance choice, then you would have to get them to release you from your offer before entering clearing. This usually takes 24-48 hourse, but as clearing/results day is obviously a busy time for universities, it can take longer (up to a week). Places often disappear very quickly during clearing, and you will not be able to get a formal offer from a university until you have a clearing number (i.e. after you have been released). Therefore, this is a very risky strategy, which could mean you will end up with nothing.

Brunel are asking for ABB, to include at least one science. If you end up with CCC, it's very unlikely they'd take you via clearing anyway. Universities may be a bit more lenient during clearing, if they are desperate to fill places, but they are not usually that lenient, and many will only have a few places to fill, and they will know they can fill these with applicants with higher grades. Also, around the ABB borderline, universities may be less able to take students with lower grades, due to student number controls.

If your personal issues have really affected you this year, and you want to go to universities asking for higher grades, your best plan is to take a year out to resit and reapply.

There's not much point firming and insuring universities you don't really want to go to.
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Slow has given you excellent advice here. Don't be over flattered by the 'Unconditional' offer. If you dont want to go there, turn it away.

Lots of general advice about ,aking Form & Insurance choices here -

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