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The question is 70 marks and is the standard AS history question, with the 5 sources and a question posed,

I find myself describing the sources instead of doing what im supposed to be and i could do with some help
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Haha I have to do these as well on Churchill. It's really not fun, anyways I first highlight the question and then go through all the sources. Decide whether they are for or against the question.

Then write a short introduction. It doesn't need to be very long as you don't actually get any marks for it.

You want to group your sources into two big paragraphs (the ones for and the ones and the ones against). I follow the general formula of saying which source I'm using, maybe use a quote from the source, state what the source says and how it's shows what your trying to prove. Then explain any strengths or limitations of the source and maybe a little on the provenance. Finally sum it up with a judgment on the source. Then move onto your next source.

At the end sum it all up in a nice conclusion with a lot of judgement and which source is most valid and why.

It takes a while to get used to it but after a while you should be alright c:

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