Revision Tips and guides to get A* in GCSE

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So my GCSEs are coming up soon and i want to do really really well, like get almost all A* but i'm struggling to get them. I want to get really good grades to show my parents i'm better than my sister as she got 7A* and 2A :/ i don't think i can get that Here are the subjects i am taking:
- Maths
- English
- science
- Economics
- french
- Graphics
- history
- RE
- Triple Science
Thanks x
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With Triple Science you really should revise for that early if you're doing all three this year. Do a bit of them each day and you'll be done with the content before May. Do past papers, it's crucial to learn exam technique as they can be with specific with what they want.

Maths is all about practice. Practice. Practice. Practice. Do as many questions as you can. Get big chunky maths books and just do them. It's the only way you'll get anywhere with maths.

With English Literature read up on the social and historical context on the books/plays you're studying because that's where you trip up the most. With English language, just do past papers and ask your teacher to mark them for you.

RE.... depends on the exam board. RE is just remembering a lot of things so find a good memory technique that works for you and use it. I personally use mind maps.

History is more about exam technique too. Do as many past papers as possible once again.

With French, I'll presume you've done your controlled assessments? For AQA French, there's a vocabulary sheet on their specification and that contains all the words that will ever come up for reading and listening. If you revise them, you should be fine. If you haven't done your writing controlled assessment then use the site Lang-8 to write French essays and native speakers will correct them and tell you how to improve.

I don't know anything about Graphics or Economics so I can't really help you there.

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