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I'm currently looking to start an Access to Higher Education Course because I have finally decided that I really want to go to University and study a subject I find interesting and better myself.

However there is one problem. I can't decide between an Arts Degreee or a Science Degree.

For a long time now i've loved Theology and Religion. I really enjoy learning about Religion, History of Religion, Conflict as a result of religion, religious teachings etc. However, the one thing that is putting me off is the Job Prospects. Virtually none of the possible jobs I could get with a Theology and Religion Degree appeal to me or excite me in any way. The only one that I don't mind as much would be teaching, but even then it's not something I really want to do. So i'm wondering if there is any point in doing it as a Degree and keeping it as a Hobby.

Another love of mine is Science and I used to want to do Biomedical Science or Biochemistry at University. Science fascinates me! I find the developments in Science exciting and I like how a lot of the time I am presented with facts instead of not having actual answers to questions I have. The job prospects also appeal to me. I like the idea of being a researcher in a Lab, helping to create medicines or studying disease and learning how to combat or prevent or even cure them. Not only would I enjoy it, but i'd feel like I was actually making some kind of difference in society, a better future for the world.

I guess the answer is pretty clear, but i'm worried I might regret not doing one or the other or that there will be some parts of the Science course that i'm going to find really difficult. In School I was good at Science and got fairly descent Grades considering the kind of School I went to. However I really struggled with Maths and I still struggle now.

But yeah, any advice is well appreciated Thank you
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Consider UCL's Arts and Science degree? Birmingham and Surrey also do it. You can study a wide range of both humanities and science modules, and it doesn't close many doors (other than medicine, etc.)

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