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I'm currently in sixth form and considering taking fine art at Lincoln uni. I LOVE Lincoln, think it's a beautiful place and can't wait to study there!
I'm just wondering if anyone else out there can recommend the Fine art degree AND if there's anyone who's taken it without a foundation course first?

I restarted my A-levels last year after taking a year out working and doing various other things. I'm a year behind and I don't like the thought of starting uni two years later than everyone else my age. Im keen on getting studying, I'm eager to get stuck into the university lifestyle but don't want to have to wait till I'm 20 to apply! The thought of having to wait yet an extra year doing foundation is making me consider other career options!

Help, and advice would be appreciated
Thanks - Lauren
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I'm not exactly the advice you asked for- but I have just made Lincoln my firm choice for a Graphic Design degree...I was recommended by some teachers and other uni's to take a foundation course first to build up my portfolio. But I didn't and stuck with doing my Product Design related A level. I only took Graphic Design too at GCSE! Point being that Lincoln wanted to see my potential and not the professional pieces of work. So they gave me a conditional offer because of the work I put into my portfolio in my own time!

I really don't think a foundation course is long as your artwork shows your potential and is of good standards! A lot of people who I met in my interview also hadn't done a foundation course.

I think Lincoln especially considers applicants who haven't taken traditional routes as they know that the reason you go to uni is to get your work to a professional standard and learn the ropes of your industry. Frankly I believe that foundation courses are only to make your work stand out more during your interviews. I found that this would have helped in my Loughborough interview being an extremely competitive uni! But if you have talent they will see that without doing a foundation!!

Good luck and hope I've helped/ish!

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