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So I am (hopefully) going to University in September and was wondering what the situation with Ice Hockey is like?

Four of the Unis I'm looking at (UEA, Kent, Hull & Huddersfield) all have Ice Hockey teams, but what's the standards like?

I'm a massive follower of the NHL, but never had the opportunity to do it, so unfortunately as of yet cannot skate either :-\

Would I likely be able to at least train and hopefully one day become a fourth liner, or am I too late to learn and likely just to be shut out?

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I felt the same way about playing American football at university. In fact where, you put NHL, I would almost put NFL in my situation. They are fairly 'out there' sports and most people would not have the opportunity to do ice-hockey before. Just offering a comparison, over 90% of the rookies who signed up for American football have never played it. I would imagine it would be a similar situation with Ice Hockey. It does depend on the coaching. Again, offering a comparision, we had just 6 weeks to learn the basics, as well as the ins-and-outs of the postion. Another comparision is also with the costs of equiptment. I speak for American Football, and the costs of equiptment is very high. Fortunately rookies were provided with kit, but we'll have to get kit if we come back next year. It might be something similar with ice-hockey. Just putting it out there, those universities have good American football teams. If their ice-hockey team is as good, then in response to your final question, you will have opportunities to learn everything and who knows what can then happen?

Hope this helps.

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