Can I revive my Football Career at University next year?

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So im 18, and have firmed Bournemouth University so I am hoping to go there in September. I have always been involved in sports, having played Football from the age of five up to fifteen the peak of my Footballing ventures was training at Brentford's advanced training programme which is how they develop and groom players to introduce into their youth side's.

At around thirteen I started playing 11-a side, representing several clubs until the age of fifteen where I packed it in. Somewhat of an unfortunate circumstance, I could never adapt to 11-a side play despite all my developed skills, I remember in training I would look like the best player in the squad at every club I played for, with the ability to score countless goals. All my attributes were even studied at the David Backham academy trials, in which I was forwarded to the academy but it cost a ridiculous price (I had given up by then) they assessed speed, vision, finishing, dribbling and others I cant remember, every box was marked "good" or "excellent" which were the top two marks available. However on 11-a side match days I would get nervous because I knew I was inexperienced, I could not keep up with the fast pace, I could not handle being overwhelmed in seconds when first touching the ball, and I was VERY small. I was simply ineffective, only scoring 3 goals in a season and a half as an attacker.

I have been Boxing since 2012, and I have a natural skill in which my coach thinks I will go far if I stick to it. I will continue at Uni, but I feel like I have some unfinished business with Football, I hate thinking about what could have happened, if only my ability could translate into 11-a side I am certain I would be playing atleast semi-pro right now as some past friends who were not quite on par with my ability have played for the likes of Chelsea and Leyton Orient. Im now fitter, stronger and bigger through natural growth and Boxing, and I have played with some classmates at college and im definitely considered the best player by a mile, bar one semi-pro player (who I beat in a one on one lol) I still have a lot of my skills but I am rusty, I just want to know whether I could possibly further a footballing career at Uni?

Obviously the Uni has a football squad, and I think they have some connection with Bournemouth FC, it would be a dream come true if I somehow got into the academy. When you go 15 years wanting to be a footballer and you have very rare ability, but you failed to adapt to 11-a side and packed it in, wasting your great potential, it hurts. Can Uni give me another shot? or is it purely for social fun?

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