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I am learning IGCSE History by myself and I am struggling. I love History, with a passion, but lately an accumulation of lack of sleep, bad eating habits and stress has temporarily left me with a horrendous memory.

Does anyone have tips for remembering dates and facts? And also any study tips specifically for History?

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Revision must be active rather than passive. Essentially sitting and reading through notes is not as effective as using them to make revision cards and mind maps.

There are 3 key revisions tools i would use:
-Timelines (used for key dates)
-Mind maps (Information on whole topics)
-Revision Cards (Definitions of Key Terms/ Key individuals)

For history exam technique is key so past papers should be completed

General tips:
-You know your strengths and weaknesses- But focus on your weaknesses (Don't sit and revise topics you are confident on and ignore those you are not)
-Little and often is better than one/two isolated marathon revision sessions
-Sleep is important revise at 6-7 in the evening not 2-3 in the morning
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When I was doing my GCSEs I had a huge number of dates to learn for History. What I found helped for me was writing up key dates (e.g. "Formation of NATO - 1949") on flash cards and sticking them around my house. I had them all over the house! Some in my bedroom, some in the kitchen, even in the bathroom! As you see them all the time when you're just walking around your house, they go into your memory. My parents even started getting involved eventually and when they saw them they would shout out "WHEN WAS *insert even here*" which helped even more xD

That was a huge help for me at GCSE, so maybe this could work for you too? Maybe if you don't want to do it with dates, you could do it with key facts you need to learn?

Hope this helps!

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